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Characteristics of ship lighting system

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The ship's normal lighting system, also known as the main lighting system, is distributed throughout the ship's various living and workplaces, providing the cabin and the workplace with sufficient illumination.

The system is characterized by: the main switchboard on the lighting busbar directly to the lighting distribution box power supply, and then by the lighting distribution box to the adjacent compartment or area of the lighting power supply;

Lighting voltage is generally AC, DC 110 V or 220 V;

Different compartments and spaces have different illumination requirements; all lighting fixtures are equipped with control switches.

Normal lighting is the main body of the ship lighting, by the ship's main generator power supply, where the ship's life and work should be lit.

Normal lighting includes:

(1) the main lighting of the cabin, such as the top of the dome;

(2) local or auxiliary lighting, such as bed lamps, wall lamps, toilet lights, etc .;

(3) loading and unloading light lighting;

(4) indoor and outdoor walkway more than half of the lighting;

(5) receptacles that must be provided in each compartment.

Non-critical equipment with equal or less than 0.25 kW of electric fans, refrigerators and cabin heaters can also be included in the normal lighting system.

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