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Ship industrial structure adjustment is getting better order growth

In 2009, China's total orders for marine engineering and equipment were over US $ 18 billion, accounting for 29.5% of the world market share, 16 percentage points higher than that in 2012, and surpassed Singapore, ranking second in the world. New to undertake a variety of offshore engineering platform a total of 61 and a drilling vessel, of which 49 jack-up drilling platform, accounting for more than half of the world's total.

In 2013, the national shipbuilding completed 45.44 million dwt, down 24.7%, of which the ship was 15.51 million tons of gross tonnage; new ship orders 6984 million dwt, an increase of 242.2%, of which 22.81 million sea Ton. As of the end of December, holding ship orders of 131 million dwt, an increase of 22.5%, of which 42.46 million tons of marine tonnage, exports of ships accounted for 88.1% of the total.

In 2013, China's shipbuilding market share of the three major indicators continue to maintain the world's leading shipbuilding completion, new orders, hand held orders accounted for 41.4% of the world's total, 47.9% and 45.0%, of which new orders than 2012 Year increased by 4.3 percentage points. New orders for ships to further focus on the advantages of enterprises, 2013, the first 20 companies to undertake a total of 55.86 million dwt, accounting for 80.0% of the total, compared with 2012 increased by 5.5 percentage points. (LNG) and four 83,000 cubic meters of large liquefied gas carrier (VLGC), with a total of six new 174,000 cubic meters of dual fuel power propulsion. New to undertake 8000 boxes and above large container ship total of 64, accounting for about 40% of the world total.


The connector is also called a connector. Domestic also known as joints and sockets, generally refers to the electrical connector. That is, devices that connect two active devices, transmit current or signal.

In all the electronic components that make up the whole system, the connector looks like the structure is simple and can not get attention, but its failure probability is the highest.

The three basic features of the connector

1. Mechanical performance In terms of connection function, the insertion force is an important mechanical property; another important mechanical property is the mechanical life of the connector.

2. Electrical performance The main electrical performance of the connector includes contact resistance, insulation resistance and electrical strength.

3. Environmental performance Common environmental performance including temperature, moisture, salt spray, vibration and shock.

Terminals There are three common types of fatal faults:

Poor contact

2. Poor insulation

3. Fixed badly

The quality of the connector gold-plated layer is one of the important parameters to evaluate the quality of the connector. The base material of the connector is a copper alloy, the surface coating is gold and its alloy, between the base copper and the surface gold plating.

Characteristics of ship lighting system

The ship's normal lighting system, also known as the main lighting system, is distributed throughout the ship's various living and workplaces, providing the cabin and the workplace with sufficient illumination.

The system is characterized by: the main switchboard on the lighting busbar directly to the lighting distribution box power supply, and then by the lighting distribution box to the adjacent compartment or area of the lighting power supply;

Lighting voltage is generally AC, DC 110 V or 220 V;

Different compartments and spaces have different illumination requirements; all lighting fixtures are equipped with control switches.

Normal lighting is the main body of the ship lighting, by the ship's main generator power supply, where the ship's life and work should be lit.

Normal lighting includes:

(1) the main lighting of the cabin, such as the top of the dome;

(2) local or auxiliary lighting, such as bed lamps, wall lamps, toilet lights, etc .;

(3) loading and unloading light lighting;

(4) indoor and outdoor walkway more than half of the lighting;

(5) receptacles that must be provided in each compartment.

Non-critical equipment with equal or less than 0.25 kW of electric fans, refrigerators and cabin heaters can also be included in the normal lighting system.

Private enterprises and state - owned enterprises to promote the upgrading of the ship industry

Zhoushan Changhong International Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. and China Shipbuilding Group Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. signed a 20.8 million tonne bulk carrier cooperation agreement, which also opened a prelude to strategic cooperation between the two sides.

The Dinghai private enterprises and state-owned enterprises, to jointly promote the sea to improve the industry to upgrade the ship. "Changhong International in the shipbuilding industry is a recruits, and our cooperation in the bridge outside the Takahashi should be said to be a perfect start, we can let 2 to 3 years ahead of schedule." Zhoushan Changhong International Industrial Park, Dai Ji "Outside the bridge outside the bridge" and "Changhong International" will be in the ship repair technology, management and other aspects of close cooperation, with "China Shipboard Takahashi" brand and technical support, you can further enhance the "long macro International "capacity in the construction of ships. "20.8 million tons of bulk carriers, cooperation is only a start of the two sides, the future will also be in the sea and other areas to carry out more extensive and in-depth cooperation.

It is understood that Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. was established in 1999, China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation's listed company - "China Ship" a wholly owned subsidiary. The company plans a total area of more than 5 million square meters, the annual shipbuilding capacity of 7 million dwt, shipbuilding and economic benefits for many years ranked first in the domestic shipbuilding enterprises, known as "China's first shipyard" in the global shipbuilding industry Ranking in the forefront. "The first cooperation with the Zhoushan private shipping enterprises, but also 'in the ship outside the bridge] test water brand output." Assistant General Manager of China Shipbuilding Group, chairman of the bridge outside the board of directors Huang Yongxi said that this is " Bridge "transformation of an important step in the development of the two sides want to play their respective advantages, to create a fine ship, to achieve" one plus one greater than two "effect.

Global ship supporting business focus on the Chinese market

Ship supporting industry is an important part of China's shipbuilding industry, which is an important factor affecting the comprehensive strength of shipbuilding industry. China's ship supporting industry level behind, seriously restricting the ship's international competitiveness of the industry to improve. Especially since entering the new century, with the rapid development of China's shipbuilding industry track, ship matching problems become increasingly serious and prominent. China is now on the prospects for the development of shipbuilding industry to do a brief introduction.

 (l) domestic ship supporting market competition intensified

After the financial crisis, the international large-scale supporting enterprises (groups) will be the eyes gathered in China's ship market, especially in Japan and South Korea for the most domestic low-speed aircraft production enterprises in this deep experience. According to the international shipbuilding industry forecast, "second five" period although the world's new shipbuilding market will resume growth, but the ship market will remain low, the last two or three years the ship market is still in the adjustment period, volume and shipping prices will not have Large growth, lack of shipbuilding demand will lead to ship demand for supporting industry decline. It is foreseeable that the future of China's international large-scale supporting enterprises (Group) will be increasing, domestic ship supporting market competition will intensify.

 (2) the comparative advantage of domestic enterprises gradually weakened

 As China's labor costs continue to increase, the appreciation of the RMB against foreign exchange rates, internal devaluation, the supporting advantages of China's existing enterprises will be gradually weakened, which makes the development of supporting enterprises more difficult.

 (3) industrial restructuring is inevitable

On the other hand, the domestic supporting development environment is becoming increasingly serious, with the State Council issued the "State Council on the promotion of corporate mergers and acquisitions," and the future of the country, the State Council issued a " China's domestic market competition is increasingly fierce, the domestic industrial structure adjustment will be inevitable.

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